Hélicéo wins international tender for providing 11 surveying departments in Malaysia

Hélicéo, a French manufacturer of professional drones dedicated to geomatics, wins a government tender in Malaysia

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JUPEM is one of the most ancient government agencies in Malaysia (it exists since 1885). Responsible for the conduct of national development in the fields of cartography and geodesy, it ensures the quality and compliance of all the topographical departments of the country. Like the world’s largest twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, symbol of modernity and innovation, JUPEM is faithful to this Malaysian mindset and is equipped with the latest topographic drone technology.

Logo Asia Geomatic Instruments

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Asia Geomatic Instruments is the master / reseller of Hélicéo. It offered JUPEM his expertise in geomatics. Asia Geomatic Instrument has been working for more than 13 years in the geospatial and survey world. It provides services of GIS and mapping services. It is Hélicéo’s distribution, training and maintenance center for South east Asia. Mr. Faez (Managing director) tells us: «My teams have participated several times in training in France and Hélicéo engineers have come to Malaysia to consider the specificities of our country. We have established a very strong collaboration which augurs a shared success ».


Hélicéo drones gain height in Asia

Hélicéo stood out thanks to the diversity of its range of products dedicated to geomatics including aerial drones, bathymetric drones, and LiDAR systems and terrestrial photogrammetry tools also, some of which will be equipped by the Malaysian government.

Drone multirotor LiDAR

avion VTOL

The “Fusion” is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft drone, ideal for landing in the middle of the lush forest and mountains in Malaysia. With an autonomy of one hour, it can scan up to 1400 hectares in a single flight.
On the other hand, the multirotor “SuperFox6” was also acclaimed by JUPEM thanks to its versatility and its autonomy of 43 minutes.
In addition to the aircraft drone “Fusion”, the “SuperFox6” allows to do spot missions on smaller areas especially in urban areas.
The LiDAR technology developed by Hélicéo was a determining factor in the decision of JUPEM.
It can be used to scan, with centimetric accuracy, modern or historical buildings with complex geometry, but also power line, oil and gas networks.

« By emerging as the winner of this important government project, Hélicéo is opening up to the Asian market and is gaining notoriety on the continent. After the French luxury products, it’s around the french tech to shine. Hélicéo is his flag bearer!»  says Jean-François Baudet, CEO of Hélicéo.