The quarry measurement drone becomes unavoidable

UAVs are increasingly used in the mining industry

The quarry measurement drone can be used for many applications. Indeed, since its creation, Hélicéo has surveyed more than 500 quarries with its drones, especially in France. It has a long history of working for well-known companies in the mining industry field such as COLAS or LAFARGE-HOLCIM. The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is particularly suitable for volume calculation, distance calculation but also for cross-section of gage surface calculation and for georeferenced topographic surveys.

The benefits of the quarry measurement drone

Better resolution for higher data accuracy

UAVs bring to the world of geospatial more and more innovative technologies. Compared to traditional aerial surveys (use of helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft), drones offer cost-effective and efficient solutions. Indeed, the quality of measurement is more and more successful and generates a density of points and a very high level of detail for a lower cost. UAVs allow the orthophotos edition to represent a 2D plan of the whole mine. It is also possible to create point clouds to view in 3D the exact topography of a place.

Speed of data acquisition

Thanks to automation, drones are easy to use. Planning for a flight is carried out prior to the mission, and data processing is done in the office. In addition, UAVs are much lighter than devices used in traditional methods. One of the biggest benefits of the quarry measurement drone is the significant time savings during the mission. In a single automatic flight, a drone can survey an entire large area. Thanks to the direct georeferencing of data, imaging is also produced much faster to give a 3D representation of the site.

Operator Safety

With a drone, it is possible to access narrow or dangerous areas without compromising the safety of the operators who remain on the ground. Therefore, it provides new perspectives since these places were unreachable with traditional methods.

How to choose your quarry measurement drone?

drone de mesure carrière

There are different factors to consider before choosing a drone for a quarry survey. It depends mainly on the expectations of the ordering person. It is important to know the type of data to be collected, the resolution of the image, but also the accuracy.
The multirotor drone are valuable tools for small surveys. Instead, VTOL aircraft drones will be preferred for larger projects.
We must also be considered that existing legislation differs from one country to another. However, European standardization has been established. Generally, regulation agrees on general principles like for example the drone training or the limits of the flight above people.

You can find more information on the subject in an article produced by Mining Magazine in collaboration with Hélicéo.