VTOL drone flight

The FoxyPro aircraft drone starts its flight in Cartagena, Colombia.

Hélicéo carries out a VTOL drone flight in Colombia

Demonstration of VTOL drone flight in Cartagena

At the beginning of 2018, Hélicéo traveled to Cartagena, a port city in Colombia, for a VTOL drone flight. During this demonstration, his Colombian distributor Geosysteming was present.

Today, long distance planes equipped with a VTOL system are highly valued in South America. Indeed, they bring a lot of benefits to operators who want to take up large-scale mineral zones: profitability, data acquisition speed, precision, and safety. In addition, we can see that mines and quarries are very numerous on the territory. Thus, demand is growing stronger.

A successful photogrammetric mission with a wind speed of 57 Km / h

Currently, weather conditions are one of the main obstacles to the drones use. Aware of this challenge, Hélicéo is developing particularly adapted equipment. Therefore, the FoxyPro from the Hélicéo range is a VTOL aircraft drone with very good wind resistance. During the photogrammetric mission of Cartagena, the VTOL drone flight was successfully completed with a wind speed of 57 Km / h. The constant products adaptation to the productivity demands of measurement professionals is a real priority for the company.

FoxyPro : a fully automated VTOL aircraft drone

The FoxyPro aircraft drone is equipped with an innovative VTOL system that allows it to take off and land on all types of sites. This VTOL aircraft has a wingspan of 3.2 m and a long battery life of 1 hour. It can fly up to 120 km / h and carry a payload of 2Kg. This device has been designed for long range photogrammetric missions and can scan up to 300 hectares (741,316 acres) in a single flight. Plus, it works with DroneBox RTK technology, a modular tool patented by Hélicéo and adaptable to all products in the range. Thanks to this, it provides high precision data of the order of 3 cm. Finally, the Foxypro offers a wide range of sensors including compatibility with the LiDAR system.


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