VTOL drone training in the Ankara Region in Turkey

In June 2018, Hélicéo conducted a VTOL drone training in Turkey for Atay Mühendislik, its local distributor. Two members of the Hélicéo team, Stéphane (Sales Manager Europe) and Olivier (VTOL specialist product engineer) are present on site for a week.


Ankara: a city located at 938 m altitude

Upon arrival, the Hélicéo pair joined his hotel in the heart of Ankara, the cosmopolitan capital of Turkey. This city of more than 5 million inhabitants is located at 938 m altitude. It is both modern and ancient since it is composed of multiple Ro

man remains. With the continental climate, the weather is very hot and very dry at this time of the year. During their stay, Stéphane and Olivier must withstand temperatures up to 35 ° C. After having settled quickly, they go to the city center to meet the team of engineers and pilots they will have to train throughout the week.


PPK and RTK missions are performed during VTOL drone training

The VTOL drone training takes place over several days. Each morning, the trainers discuss the theoretical aspect including the flights preparation, the explanation of the manual and automatic flights operation, or the data processing. It is the afternoon that the theory is put into practice directly on the ground. To do this, co-workers go to the Ankara outskirts, 30 minutes from the city center and more than 1000 meters above sea level. Then, Stéphane and Olivier discover a hilly area, close to the city suburbs.

On site, they present VTOL drone flight demonstrations with the FoxyPro. This VTOL aircraft is 3m wide and has one-hour autonomy. It is one of the flagship products of the Hélicéo range. Several real photogrammetric missions are also performed in PPK and RTK. In order to enable the customer to be quickly operational, mission processing is also done in the field with the Pix4D software.

vtol drone training

Here are the flight conditions of the different missions performed:
• Average flight time: 40 minutes
• Scanned surface: between 150 and 200 hectares per flight
• Flight height: between 80 and 100 m above the ground
• Temperature: between 30 and 35 ° C
• Wind: 25 km / h


vtol drone training

Discovery of Raki, a local Turkish specialty

To close this training VTOL drone, Stéphane and Olivier find their Turkish colleagues in the city center of Ankara for their last evening before their return to France. This is an opportunity for everyone to spend a friendly moment and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the capital. To celebrate the end of Ramadan, the Atay Mühendislik team introduces Stéphane and Olivier to a well-known local specialty in Turkey and the Middle East: raki, an eau-de-vie of wine flavored with anise.