The professional drone services of Hélicéo

Hélicéo is not only manufacturer of innovative measurement tools for surveyors and topographers. Hélicéo is also provider of various drone services to assist you throughout your surveying projects.

Partner of your drone missions

You’re looking for a drone to carry out a one-time mission or recurring missions for your customers ? Or you want to test one of our drones on a customer’s site to verify that they are worth the investment?

Hélicéo is at your service for :

  • Flight of your drone missions
  • Creation of DTMs / DSMs
  • Point clouds creation and edition
  • Orthophotos creations
  • Production of 3D videos.

You are a quarrier, manager of a storage site ? Regional or national key account manager of a quarry or civil engineering ? Construction company looking for a drone service provider ?

Hélicéo offers its national Flying Surveyors Network. Over 300 topography professionals are at your service to ensure your missions in all of France. All members of the network use Hélicéo’s standardized drone fleet, calibrated sensors and corrected GNSS data to provide you the most accurate processing chain possible.

Professional training center

Hélicéo offers basic training in photogrammetry for surveyors and follow-up training for controlling and handling of the photogrammetric chain, guaranteeing a high level of competence.

Calculation and selection of aerodynamic profiles which determine the flight envelope, selection of high-performance materials from the aerospace industry (carbon fiber, Kevlar, aluminum, etc.).

Thanks to our experience with various engine arrangements around the wing in relation to lift (multicoptors) and propulsion (aircraft), and our design tools and calculation notes, you are guaranteed the best of current knowledge.