Design Office

Drone design, integration, research & development

Our engineers in topography, electronics, aeronautics, IT, and our CAD/CAM staff and pilots are available for the execution of your drone missions. From writing your specifications to creating a demo through 3D modeling, Hélicéo produces drones to meet your professional needs.

Expert in drone design and innovation

Since the creation of Hélicéo, we have conducted extensive research on various areas related to drones.

Our research includes :

  • Calculation and choice of aerodynamic profiles (strings of elongations, dihedrons, arrows and incidences)
  • Testing and selection of powertrains
  • Integration of different sensors
  • Innovation, drone design and prototyping
  • Research and development in mechanical, computer science, electronics and aeronautics.

Thanks to our experience with various engine arrangements around the wing in relation to lift (multicoptors) and propulsion (aircraft), and our design tools and calculation notes, you are guaranteed the best of current knowledge.

Know-how and professional equipment

At Hélicéo we test our powertrains – for this purpose we designed and built a wind tunnel to simulate wind conditions up to 100 km//h. From this we created an extensive database. Hélicéo has developed particularly specialized expertise which ensures exact calculation and careful selection of batteries.

Master of GNSS systems and software

Hélicéo designs airplanes that incorporate the original features of vertical take-off and automatic transition, proving our mastery of airplanes and multirotors. Hélicéo also works with Trimble in the fields of geopositioning and georeferencing. For mastery of the measuring chain, we developed autopilot systems, interfaces and our own processing software.

Drone photogrammetry

Photogrammetry via drones makes it possible to model an area in 3D, create plans, make measurements (lengths, areas, volumes) and therefore ensures precision when mapping.

Drones Maintenance

Our technical team is made up of specialists in drones, pilots and technicians. Hélicéo puts at the service of its customers, distributors and partners a team able to answer all your questions, whether it is for information about the [...]

DroneBox RTK : precision measurement

Hélicéo created the DroneBox technology in order to meet the demands of professionals for multiple applications as well as to address the economic challenge of needing multiple types tools. This “Plug & Play” device is adaptable across [...]