Professional drone training

Hélicéo is a Pix4D certified professional drone training organization which accompanies you in your process of acquisition and learning of professional drones through a complete course held in our training center.

In order to master the optimal use of aircraft in accordance with the regulations, you will be trained on real, operational civilian drones, multirotors (Fox4 & SuperFox6), airplanes (Fusion, Foxy Pro) as well as on our bathymetry vehicle (FoxBathy), all of which were designed for any kind of mission.

Each course is held over several days and supervised by instructors and experienced pilots. They consist of theoretical and practical modules. The training in software dedicated to your profession (photogrammetry) is led by geomatics experts. A declaration of competence is issued to you by Hélicéo at the end of the drone training. It is valid and usable with the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) and more to register your future professional drone activities.

Preparation for theoretical ultralight exam (4 days)

The theoretical ultralight exam is mandatory for the use of one or more drones for professional purposes. The final examination takes place in the regional centers of the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. If you make 10 mistakes or less, you get your license.

Hélicéo offers comprehensive, instructor-led training, supported by online training tools. We support you in learning the 8 topics of this exam :

-The human factor
-Instrument panels
-Aerial regulations

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Drone specific regulations (1 day)

The professional use of civilian drones is regulated by law, thus there are a number of administrative regulations and procedures to be observed.

Hélicéo can help you in the following steps :
-Flight scenarios
-Writing a flight plan (FPL)
-Declaration of conformity
-Contacting DGAC

More details on existing regulations

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Drone regulations
Formation pilotage drone automatique photogrammétrie

Practical utilization and maintenance (1 day)

Hélicéo provides training in the practical use of its equipment and regular maintenance to give you the autonomy you need on the ground.

-Anatomy of a drone
-Preparation and handling (folding/removal of the wings)
-Installing DroneBox
-Changing batteries
-Folding a parachute
-Updating software…

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Piloting a drone (multirotors 4 days/airplanes 8 days)

Under the supervision of our instructors and experienced pilots, you will receive training in all stages of piloting for drones, multirotors and airplanes manually and automatically. You will master the flight chain from A to Z, allowing you100% autonomy..

The training consists of the following :

-Preparation of the flight plan
-Flight simulation
-Real flight in manual, stationary or automatic mode
-Emergency procedures (RTH, parachute)
-Flying in sight and out of sight

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Formation drone manuel photogrammétrie
photogrammetry software training

Photogrammetry software training (2 days)

In this course you will learn the principles of photogrammetry and to process and analyze data from your drone missions. With the help of data provided by Hélicéo and the missions executed during training, you will gain all theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the utilization and exploitation of data from your surveys. This includes:

-Principles of photogrammetry -Calibrating sensors -Using PiX4D -Analyzing data -Types of reconstruction (orthophotos, 3D models, point clouds, DTMs, DSMs, etc.)

More information on professional training & photogrammetry

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