Aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric.

DroneBox RTK : precision measurement

Hélicéo created the DroneBox technology in order to meet the demands of professionals for multiple applications as well as to address the economic challenge of needing multiple types tools. This “Plug & Play” device is adaptable across [...]

Fox6 : professional multirotor drone

The Fox6 is a multirotor drone with 6 carbon blades. Its solid structure and in-flight stability allows its use on a wide variety of sites. Fully automatic, the FOX6 can carry out photogrammetry missions of up to 1.5 km². It is the perfect tool [...]

FoxBathy : bathymetric drone

FoxBathy is an automatic catamaran with double electric propulsion, which allows productivity, safety and precision in bathymetric surveying. It ensures the safety of the operator, who may remain on the bank thanks to fully automated steering..

Hélicéo is a unique company that designs, produces and distributes innovative measuring tools for topographers and surveyors.

Specializing in geomatics, the company offers comprehensive solutions for aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric cartography for 3D georeferenced mapping.

Fully automated, the Hélicéo products include VTOL airplanesmultirotors and catamarans, as well as other terrestrial photogrammetry tools. All of these products use one of a kind DroneBox technology: a modular "Plug and Play" core which works with all Hélicéo products, thus reducing hardware investment.