Aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric.

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Photogrammetric drones for high precision measurements

You work in the mapping, topographic measurement and geomatics field? Discover professional applications you can reached with our multi-rotors drones. Thanks to them, you will be able to carry out daily missions of measurement surveys, mapping and volume calculation. You will save a considerable time on the field and in a complete safe disposition.

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FoxBathy, the boat drone that revolutionize bathymetric surveys

You dream to carry out your bathymetric surveys in record time and automatically? Choose the catamaran drone FoxBathy. With it, operate directly from the bank and explore the depths of rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds and harbor aeras for example! Efficient, precise and innovative, this aquatic measuring tool allows you to complete your work 10 times faster compared to conventional bathymetric survey methods.

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Become an expert in ground photogrammetry

FoxyWalk is a professional equipment for ground photogrammetry in pedestrian mode. Very practical, it is used in backpack mode or with a GNSS cane. Make facades statements, street monitoring or the survey of unreachable sites from the air. This mobile mapping tool is therefore ideal to complete your aerial drone photogrammetric missions.

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A fully automatic VTOL aircraft drone for your photogrammetry

Thanks to its innovative vertical take-off and landing system (VTOL), Foxy range VTOL aircraft drone stand out. Those airplane drones don’t need airstrip or catapult to take-off or land, they can be used in all types of sites. Carry out long distance photogrammetric surveys getting accurate and consistent results for your topographic measurements !

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You are looking for an innovative and productive drone mapping?

Heliceo: professional dronemaker and mobile mapping tools for high precision measurement.

Hélicéo design and distribute drone mapping and innovative measuring tools for surveyors, topographers, and cartographers. Specializing in geomatics, the company offers comprehensive solutions for aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric cartography for 3D georeferenced mapping. Fully automated, Hélicéo’s products include VTOL airplanes, multirotors and aquatic equipment, as well as other terrestrial photogrammetry device. All of these products use one of a kind DroneBox technology: a modular “Plug and Play” core which works with all Hélicéo’s products, thus reducing hardware investment.
Our goal is to answer to the needs of our clients effectively. Our research and development team is composed of geomaticians and professional pilots. This last engages to innovate in order to cover all geomatics applications.

A complete offer to improve your photogrammetric survey missions

We support you in four field of services:

Find the product you really need and help you during your missions
A suite of softwares to help you to manage all your data efficiently
Flight and Software training
A professional support and expert guidance in photogrammetry