HYPACK: Hydrographic Software

Collection and treatment software for your bathymetric missions




HYPACK is the most widely used hydrographic software in the world with nearly 10,000 users on 7 continents. It is currently the only one to offer lateral collection, mosaicing and targeting. With this intuitive and powerful tool, you can design your survey, collect hydrographic data, process and generate end products such as contours, tracking sheets, CAD views, cross sections or volume calculations.

hydrographic software

Why choose the hydrographic software HYPACK?

The hydrographic software HYPACK is very powerful and offers a multitude of possibilities.

The essential software for volume calculation

HYPACK is able to calculate large volumes from sections or surface models with several varieties of options and reports. You can calculate several types of volumes such as tank volumes or channel volumes. The software offers over 20 methods for calculating area and volume of materials for each profile segment. In addition, data can come from a single beam, multiple beams or multiple surveys.
With the CROSS SECTION & VOLUME program, you can read hundreds of sections and calculate volume quantities in just a few seconds.

A graphic design tool

With HYPACK, you can also create quality graphics by importing background files such as ortho photos, engineering plans, superimposed electronic maps, or hydrographic data. Indeed, thanks to the HYPLOT tracing program, it is possible to send any type of background graphics combinations.
HYPACK can also be used to define geodetic parameters, to configure survey equipment or to create planned lines and section profiles for channels and turning basins as well as complex 3D surfaces for precise volume and dredging calculations.

A target measurement tool

On HYPACK, targeting can be done in real time or post-processing. Different tools allow you to capture a GeoTiF image of each target and make measurements of its length, width and height. This information is then saved in a TargetBook.


HYPACK software features

– ADCP Editor
– Anchor and tug management
– Channel design
– Graph plot
– Cloud
– Cross sections and volumes
– Data converter for third-party files
– Data export program
– ENC Editor
– Geocoder
– Geodetic utilities
– Line planning and preparation editor
– Magnetometer and ADCP acquisition
– Magnetometer editor
– Support for multiple languages
– AIS Navigation and Positioning and Support
– Remote Viewer
– Single beam editor
– Poll Reduction Program
– SS mosaic collections in real time
– SS mosaic processing and targeting
– Subbottom acquisition and treatment
– Survey
– Connecting the tide and sound
– TIN model

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