Terrestrial photogrammetry tools

Terrestrial photogrammetry is the implementation of photogrammetric methods with terrestrial equipment. Using these tools can be very practical where regulations do not allow drone flight, especially in urban areas. This method is also useful for supplementing a drone survey to gather additional images and data from inaccessible areas.

For this reason, Hélicéo has developed terrestrial photogrammetry tools which complement our DroneBox RTK compatible drones. In the same way as with our drones, you will have the benefit of centimeter accuracy in your measurements.

Hélicéo terrestrial photogrammetry tools are suitable for surveying city buildings, routes, facades, monuments, architectural work, statues and sculptures of any dimension.


These tools are simple and quick to handle. They make it easy to carry out photogrammetric missions from the ground.


Discover FoxyWalk now – a tool to meet your terrestrial photogrammetry needs.


FoxyWalk for mobile mapping

Easy terrestrial photogrammetry

FoxyWalk is a platform for professional acquisition of terrestrial photogrammetry in pedestrian mode. It is aimed towards surveyors, topographers, architects, archaeologists.
It allows the shooting of photos which would be inaccessible from the sky (facades, interiors, arches, etc.) and creation of 3D models.

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