Photogrammetry software training


Hélicéo offers a 2-day training in photogrammetry software and dedicated processing software. Whether in theory or practical application, photogrammetric processing will no longer be a mystery.

Training is offered for several different software, including Pix4D Mapper and MicMac.

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Pix4D Mapper software training

This training is entirely devoted to the understanding and handling of Pix4D software.

Training covers 3 main topics:

Creating projects :  project initialization and data import, creation and handling of point clouds, acquisition of DSMs and orthophotos, and accuracy control.

Exploiting data : measurement, vectorization, calculation of a surface, volume or cubature, creation of videos and familiarization with professional applications.

Creating value-added deliverables : clean-up and classification of point clouds, creation of DSMs, DTMs, orthophoto plans and orthophotos, size scaling, model orientation and colorimetric calibration.

Individual cases and different software settings, such as simultaneous processing of multiple flights or merging of photos from a flight with photos from the ground, are also covered. The training focuses on the processing of entire missions, using data provided by Hélicéo or acquired during the automatic pilot training.

Training is punctuated by practical applications and exercises to be done independently, under the guidance of a trainer.

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MicMac software training

This training helps you to better understand and apply the entire photogrammetric process using the MicMac software. By the end of the training, the trainee will be able to fully process a photogrammetric mission, from image positioning (with or without georeferencing) to orthophotos and 3D modeling by photogrammetry.

MicMac is a useful photogrammetry software for a wide variety of 3D reconstruction. This software is dedicated to professionals and academics, but constant efforts are made to make it accessible to the public.

The aim of MicMac training is to familiarize you with this powerful, highly configurable tool.

Training program :

  • Installing/compiling software
  • Using the software, running a command, image patterns
  • Mastering the basic commands for data processing
  • Processing a drone mission with direct/indirect georeferencing
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