DroneBox RTK, solution for precision measurement

A multi-drones compatible technological core

Hélicéo created the DroneBox technology in order to meet the demands of professionals for multiple applications as well as to address the economic challenge of needing multiple types tools.

This “Plug & Play” device is adaptable across Hélicéo’s entire range of products, allowing you to perform precision measurement with multiple vehicles and sensors while reducing your investment.

The DroneBox, which may be used onboard any Hélicéo vehicle, uses Network Real Time Kinematic (NRTK or RTK) technology, thus providing precision measurement using satellite corrections in real time in order to achieve precision measurement to centimeter accuracy.

precision measurement dronebox

Solution « Plug & Play » : The DroneBox connector was designed to adapt to all Hélicéo products. The DroneBox can easily be connected from one device to another with no fuss.

Compatibility : With DroneBox you have access to six different products and applications. From terrestrial survey through bathymetry to aerial survey.

Data transmission : Your mission is complete – how do you recover the flight data (photographs, logs, GNSS data)? Just plug the DroneBox into your computer using a USB cable.


As a truly technological core for accurate surveys

DroneBox has the following integrated key functions: GNSS geodetic mapping, autopilot, telemetry,
archiving, communication, flight controller and avionics.

precision measurement RTK drone


DroneBox Slim DroneBox RTK
GNSS Accuracy 1.0m to 3.0m 0.025 m
Frequency band L1 L1/L2
Avionic system Inertial unit/altimetre
Inertial unit/altimetre
Autopilot Yes Yes
Navigation on a curved path Yes Yes
Change of mission during flight Yes Yes
Creating an orthophoto path from a mission perimeter Yes Yes


Multi-drones compatible solution

1 DroneBox, 6 mapping and photogrammetric applications

When you buy the DroneBox, you may equip all the Hélicéo products. The DroneBox is compatible with the entire Hélicéo’s products range. You can use only one DroneBox for several Hélicéo’s products. It is the best opportunity to reduce your investment.

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