FoxBathy, bathymetric drone

Bathymetric drone catamaran

FoxBathy is an automatic bathymetric drone catamaran with double electric propulsion, which allows productivity, safety and precision in aquatic surveying. It ensures the safety of the operator, who may remain on the bank thanks to fully automated steering.

FoxBathy not only helps in monitoring ports, marinas, sea areas, rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds or lagoons but also helps to identify critical areas or dangerous objects for navigation. Finally, it allows periodic monitoring of siltation and supervision of marine sites by performing calculations of cubatures and editing DTMs (Digital Terrain Models).

Bathymetric drone foxbathy

Precision :Thanks to its single or multi-beam sensor, you can acquire mesh data from just a few centimeters up to a meter.

Safety : With a weight of +/- 5 kg and reduced set-up time, FoxBathy requires only one operator (instead of the traditional 2 or 3 operators) and may be operated directly from the bank.

Productivity : With manual and automatic steering, FoxBathy helps you survey your sites 10 times faster than with a boat.

FoxBathy product specifications

Choose a quick and efficient bathymetric surveying method.

  • Vehicle type : catamaran with double electric propulsion
  • Dimensions (length/width/height): 110cm/95cm/47cm
  • Sensor : Single or multi-beam (optional) (en option)
  • Data meshing : from a few centimeters up to 1 meter
  • Technology : Trimble DroneBox RTK & 360° prism
  • Weight : 5kg

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