GigaBathy200, Surface marine drone compatible with multibeam

Suitable for use at sea

The GigaBathy200 is a surface marine drone designed for bathymetry and marine monitoring. Compatible with a wide variety of sensors, including multibeam, it can intervene in many applications: hydrographic surveys, coastal monitoring, harbour monitoring, oceanographic surveys, or accident rescue assistance.


GigaBathy200 is used in the ocean thanks to its highly resistant hull

The surface marine drone GigaBathy200 is particularly resistant to shocks and sinking. Its catamaran design ensures extreme stability for ocean use. The drone is composed of three subsets: two floats and a central body, which facilitates transportation and assembly. Totally waterproof, the GigaBathy200 is structurally unsinkable.


Totally automatic, this marine drone is very easy to use

The drone GigaBathy200 is used in both manual and automatic modes. You plan the whole of your mission from a software, then the drone carries out it autonomously. It is equipped with a long-range radiofrequency communication of 5 Km and a real-time video return of 2 Km. In addition to its autonomous navigation functions, the GigaBathy200 is equipped with a collision avoidance system with radar.


The GigaBathy200 is very powerful with a high speed of 5 m / s and an autonomy of 8 hours

The GigaBathy200 guarantees a maximum speed of 5 m / s. In addition, it has a long battery life of 8 hours (at a speed of 2 m / s).
This marine drone allows you to scan important areas and improve your productivity.


With a payload of 45 Kg, switch to multibeam


Compatibility with a wide variety of sensors

The GigaBathy200 weighs 94 kg and can carry a maximum payload of 45 kg. The drone is compatible with a wide variety of sensors:

  • ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) instruments: Sontek M9 / S5, Teledyne RDI, Linquest, Nortek
  • Multiparameter probes: HACH DS5 / MS5, YSI EXO, Sailhero XHFP / XHMP
  • SONAR: LCOCEAN Shark S450U, BlueView M-450
  • Single beam echosounders: Odom Echotract CV200 / CV100, Haiying HY1601 / 1602, South SDE-18
  • Multibeam echosounders: Norbit iWBMS, Kongsberg M3, Odom MB1 / MB2

Data is directly compatible with HYPACK and / or QINSy software.

Multibeam solution:

The GigaBathy200 is compatible with a complete multibeam system that combines bathymetry and underwater imaging. Obtain high density bathymetric data and structural images of the seabed. This multibeam solution can cover a large area much more quickly than with manned survey methods.





The GigaBathy200 use cases


Maritime surveillance

The GigaBathy200 is used in maritime surveillance to ensure the goods and people safety. Indeed, this surface marine drone can monitor the harbour infrastructure, coastlines, fishing areas. It can also be used as rescue assistance for people after an accident.

Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring follows the ecological and chemical status of a river. It is realized thanks to a hydrographic instrument called multiparameter probe. Good water quality favors biodiversity and ensures the health and safety of people with monitoring of bacteria and toxic algae development in bathing waters, drinking water or fish ponds quality, or invasive plants development. Many parameters are to be taken into account when monitoring the water quality such as PH, absolute pressure, ammonia, dissolved oxygen, gauge pressure, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, turbidity, and water density. They must be monitored regularly to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.


Bathymetry is the science that corresponds to the depth measurement. This technique collects information on marine environments and soil topography below the surface of the water using an instrument called an echosounder.
Bathymetry is used in different use cases:
– Ensuring the navigation safety (harbours, waterways…)
– Monitor dragging works
– Conduct hydrographic research
– Mapping the seabed
– Follow the banks erosion
– Calculate volumes
– Identify rock outcrops


GigaBathy200 specifications

Discover the GigaBathy200 characteristics.

  • Vector typeMarine drone
  • Material Carbon fiber
  • Dimensions2500 x  1400 x  750 mm
  • Weight (without battery)94 kg
  • Batteries weight14,5 Kg * 4
  • Max payload45 Kg
  • Communication range5 Km
  • Telemetry2 Km
  • Max speed 5 m/s
  • Autonomy8 hours
  • GeoreferencingRTK Technology

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