LiDAR technology

Embedded LiDAR technology on drone

LiDAR technology is an innovative laser remote sensing technique that maps an environment in 3D using accurate direct georeferencing.

LiDAR is used in many applications: precision agriculture, forestry, mine and quarry, roads and railways, inspection of infrastructure and power lines, and archeology.

This system is integrated with drone multi-rotor SuperFox6  of the Hélicéo range of products.

Distance measurement by LiDAR

LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) enables high-precision measurements and represents in real time an environment in a point cloud during a drone mission.
The distance between the LiDAR and the object is determined by measuring the time elapsed between the emission and receipt of the laser wave.
Lasergrammetry occurs when photogrammetry has limits. LiDAR sensors can get through certain materials such as vegetation to reach the ground. For the same beam, the LiDAR can receive several echoes, which allows to classify the different classes of vegetation (leaves, trunk, low vegetation and ground).
LiDAR is also more efficient than photogrammetry on complex geometry objects or scenes (wired network, smooth surfaces)



Speed of data acquisition:the measurement by LiDAR is direct and does not require post-processing. The sensor can survey until 300,000 points per second and thus cover up to 150ha (370 acres) in a single flight.

Easily transportable: LiDAR technology can be embedded easily on a drone thanks to its light weight.

High precision data: The laser data are accurate to a few centimeters.



LiDAR sensor specifications

  • Specifications

  • PayloadLiDAR
  • Number of lasers16 or 32 beams single and dual echo
  • Measurement RangeUp to 100m
  • Accuracy+- 3 cm
  • Field of view360° (Horizontal) / 30° (Vertical)
  • Rate• Single Return Mode: -300,000 points / sec
    • Dual Return Mode: -600,000 points / sec
  • Environmental ProtectionIP67 (Dust and Water)
  • IMURoll & Pitch 0.025° PPK
  • Typical scanning areaUp to 150 ha (370 acres)

  • Software

  • Mission PlanningHASK – Planner
  • GNSS ProcessingPOSPac MMS and HASK Geoprocessor
  • OutputGeoreferenced point cloud (.XYZ, .LAS, .LAZ)
  • Point cloud processingTrimble RealWorks

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