MegaBathy50, USV marine drone for hydrography

An innovative hydrographic survey solution

The USV marine drone MegaBathy50 is designed for bathymetry, water flow measurement, but also water quality monitoring. It is compatible with a wide variety of ADCP sensors or echosounders.


The trimaran hull design increases the stability

The MegaBathy50 has a waterproof hull reinforced with resistant materials such as carbon fiber and kevlar. This drone weighs 32 kg and can carry a payload of up to 15 kg. Thanks to its side handles, it is easily transportable on the field. Its trimaran design ensures extreme stability and great maneuverability. Stability is an important quality to guarantee the measurement reliability.


With MegaBathy50, go for 6-hour missions

The USV marine drone MegaBathy50 can operate in manual or automatic mode. It is equipped with a radiofrequency link with a range of 2 Km. The MegaBathy50 is equipped with a real-time video return. RTK GPS allows you to get centimeter accuracy. This drone is equipped with long-duration batteries of up to 6 hours.


Very ergonomic, the MegaBathy50 adapts to all aquatic environments

The marine drone MegaBathy50 is equipped with a waterjet propulsion system that gives it a high speed of 5 m / s. It also has a collision avoidance system with a radar. This is particularly useful in automatic mode in aquatic areas with potential surface obstacles such as boat or buoy. In addition, the low draft (15 cm) of the drone allows access to shallow water unlike traditional boats. Therefore, MegaBathy50 is comfortable in all aquatic environments, even under the difficult currents conditions.

With MegaBathy50, get the echo sounder, SONAR or multiparameter probe of your choice

The MegaBathy50 is specially designed to various ADCP instruments (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler), but also all single beam echo sounders, SONAR or multiparameter probes. Its design allows it to accommodate a transducer with a diameter of 5 to 18 cm.

Data is directly compatible with HYPACK and / or QINSy software.



The MegaBathy50 use cases

Water flow measurement

Thanks to measuring instruments such as the flowmeter or current meter (ADCP), it is possible to measure the water flow and their effects. The water flow measurement allows hydraulic structures operators (irrigation systems, hydroelectric installations, reservoirs…) to control agriculture, prevent floods, but also drive energy. The need for this technique is reinforced by the current environmental conditions with global warming. Water flow measurement helps protect goods, people and heritage. Thanks to a long-term observation, it is possible to know the evolution of the river regimes, to prevent the floods and to sensitize the population to the natural risks.

Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring follows the ecological and chemical status of a river. It is realized thanks to a hydrographic instrument called multiparameter probe. Good water quality favors biodiversity and ensures the health and safety of people with monitoring of bacteria and toxic algae development in bathing waters, drinking water or fish ponds quality, or invasive plants development. Many parameters are to be taken into account when monitoring the water quality such as PH, absolute pressure, ammonia, dissolved oxygen, gauge pressure, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, turbidity, and water density. They must be monitored regularly to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.


Bathymetry is the science that corresponds to the depth measurement. This technique collects information on marine environments and soil topography below the surface of the water using an instrument called an echosounder.
Bathymetry is used in different use cases:
– Ensuring the navigation safety (harbours, waterways…)
– Monitor dragging works
– Conduct hydrographic research
– Mapping the seabed
– Follow the banks erosion
– Calculate volumes
– Identify rock outcrops

MegaBathy50 specifications

Discover the MegaBathy50 characteristics.

  • Vector typeMarine drone
  • Material Fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber
  • Dimensions1600 x 700 x 400 mm
  • Weight32 kg
  • Max payload15 Kg
  • MotorWaterjet propulsion
  • CommunicationRadio frequency
  • Communication range 1 Km
  • Telemetry2 Km
  • Max speed 5 m/s
  • Autonomy 6 hours
  • GeoreferencingRTK Technology

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