SuperFox6, the LiDAR and photogrammetric drone surveyor

Multiply your flight time by 3 with the 43 minutes autonomy of the SuperFox6

The SuperFox6 drone surveyor has 43 minutes autonomy. Thus, it triples the capabilities of its predecessor: the Fox6. A single flight of SuperFox6 is equivalent to 3 flights of Fox6. In addition, this aerial multi-rotor drone is fully automated. It can carry out a wide variety of topographic surveys up to 150 hectares (370 acres). The SuperFox6 drone surveyor is designed for large photogrammetric missions. It allows the orthophotos, point clouds and DTM production. It is also compatible with the new Hélicéo LiDAR System.


SuperFox6 LiDAR

Wind resistance of 55 Km / h

Hélicéo drones are known for their exceptional wind resistance. The SuperFox6 further pushes the limits of the exercise with 55 Km / h of wind resistance. With a new engine power generation offering a 20% increase in wind resistance, it is even more powerful. It allows you to fly in extreme conditions for more mission opportunities.

Access a 3 cm accuracy without support point

In order to save you even more time during your missions, Hélicéo designed the Trimble RTK Drone Box and the HASK software. They allow you to break free from the time-consuming stage of target positioning in the field. The HASK and the DroneBox allow you to achieve a 3 cm accuracy in X and Y and 5 cm in Z.


Choose to fly with LiDAR System or Photogrammetric System with HConnect Technology

Thanks to the “Hconnect” universal connection development, the SuperFox6 is compatible with the LiDAR and Photogrammetric Systems designed by Hélicéo. Choose, fix and fly, it’s as simple as that.


RTK LiDAR System 16 beams (H16) and RTK LiDAR System 32 beams (H32)

DDeveloped by Hélicéo for the topography market, the 16-beam (H16) and 32-beam (H32) LiDAR Systems incorporate the industry’s best components for LiDAR head, RTK geo positioning and inertial tracking. After 4 years experience with Trimble GNSS RTK cards, Hélicéo naturally turned to Trimble Applanix cards as well as the Trimble PostPack and RealWorks software suite.

Photogrammetric System, missions on 180°

The Photogrammetric System developed by Helicéo allows you to ensure maximum missions: nadir (down to the ground), oblique for convergent photogrammetric missions, or zenith (upwards). The powerful brushless gyro stabilization motor is designed to accommodate a large format (APSC or full size) heavy sensor type Sony Alpha 6000 or Sony RXI R2. These are ideal for photogrammetric quality and precision. It can also accommodate thermal sensors such as Flir Tau or Vue and multispectral sensors like Parrot’s Sequoia or Micasence Rededge.

The Photogrammetric System is made of aluminum and carbon by our industrial partners. Its design gives it a 2-axis stabilization, as well as an ideal vibration damping. In addition to photogrammetric missions, you can make videos or photos in 4K.
Real-time video HF transmission lets you see what your sensor sees on the ground. This function is essential for the technical inspection.

The multi-rotor drone for safe mapping with the pyrotechnic parachute

With its 6 carbon propellers and brushless motors, the SuperFox6 has a tolerance to engine failure. For maximum safety, it is equipped with a pyrotechnic parachute that opens in 1 second. Manufactured by Airbus industrial partners, its carbon structure is very resistant. The size is greatly reduced which makes the drone very easily transportable with its foldable arms and feet and its removable propellers. The SuperFox6 can also carry with it a wide variety of sensors thanks to its maximum payload of 4Kg.




SuperFox6 Technical features

  • Vehicle typemultirotor drone
  • Thrust 6 blades and brushless motors
  • Max takeoff weight10,0 kg
  • Max Payload4 kg
  • Endurance without payload43 Min
  • Gimbal2-axis gyroscope
  • Max speed 50 km/h
  • Wind resistance 55 km/h
  • Mission speed 30 km/h
  • Crossing distance10 Km
  • Scan SurfaceUp to 150 Ha
  • SafetyPyrotechnic Parachute(option)
  • Material Aeronautical Carbon and Aluminum



Example of cloud of dots obtained with SuperFox 6 LiDAR

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