HASK GeoProcessorHélicéo Accuracy Software for Kinematic

Direct georeferencing of high-precision data

Thanks to a research collaboration with ESGT School (Superior School of Surveyors and Topographers) Hélicéo developed HASK GeoProcessor.

Compatible with all the products, this unique tool allows you to simply georeferencing and provide high accuracy data.

This program is part of the HASK Suite software composed of HASK GeoProcessor, HASK BoxTools and HASK VideoWalker.

direct georeferencing hask geoprocessor


High accuracy: Thanks to a unique algorithm, HASK GeoProcessor provide high accuracy data georeferencing.

Universal software: HASK GeoProcessor is designed to work with all Hélicéo’s products: all vectors and both DroneBox Slim and RTK.

Ergonomics: A simple interface, fast and easy to use.


DroneBox systems embedded a GNSS receiver which measure the position of the vector during the survey. With this instruments, it’s possible to use direct georeferencing methods (RTK, NRTK) and delete the ground control points (GCP).
HASK GeoProcessor allows to georeference directly the different kind of data acquired by the sensors embedded on Hélicéo’s products. (Images, bathymetry, etc…).


HASK GeoProcessor

The output of the software is a file with the position of each measure acquired by the sensor.
This file is compatible with different processing software such as Pix4D or MicMac.

direct georeferencing hask geoprocessor

Advantages of HASK GeoProcessor

Without With HASK GeoProcessor
With 1 GCP XY : 5 cm / Z : 10 cm XY : 2-3 cm / Z : 5 cm
GCP-Free XY : 10 cm / Z : 30 cm XY : 5 cm / Z : 8-10 cm


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