GNSS Network Subscriptions

Permanent GNSS networks

To geotag with centimeter accuracy during surveys, a GNSS network or robotic optical total station must be available. The use of mobile GPS stations is sometimes difficult: deep valleys, steep slopes, streams, obstacles, vegetation along the banks, etc. The use of DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) is almost mandatory, but it presents other operational constraints such as the need to maintain a radio link to communicate real-time corrections and the need to move the station regularly (or evenly place several). GNSS networks were created to ease these constraints.

Permanent GNSS network stations store data from all available satellites. They then calculate the atmospheric measurement errors and deduce the corrections which should be applied. Corrections are sent to mobile receiving stations via GSM 3G or 4G. There are several such networks in France.

Hélicéo is partnered with the Teria et Orphéon networks.

GNSS networks Orphéon

GPS/GNSS permanent networks provider in France

The Orpheon network ensures identical accuracy throughout the country thanks to a homogeneous distribution of reference stations.
All the stations as well as computing platforms and, consequently, the service delivered by Orpheon are Full GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou).
Orpheon also offers an online post-processing service with the result directly in the national reference.

Real-time GPS correction system in France

TERIA is a service to increase the accuracy of Full GNSS real time positioning. Its network includes more than 225 ground stations densely distributed throughout France. The service is available internationally through active partnerships. All TERIA antennas are Full GNSS: GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO / BEIDOU to ensure availability in hidden areas. This service provides a centimeter-level accuracy (1-2 cm)

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