Hélicéo Cloud, for online drones data management

online points cloud for photogrammetry hélicéo cloud

Online points cloud management and reading

Hélicéo offers an online points cloud data storage and display service from drone missions on the “cloud”. This tool has been designed to make life easier for our customers. Hélicéo now accompanies you from acquisition to the dissemination of data. The data acquired by your drones, are processed by photogrammetry, and directly integrated in our web platform, without difficulty. It is now possible to view your data without software or specific plugin, in a simple browser. You can measure distances, surfaces, angles or make cuts on your online points cloud. It is also possible to host your data acquired from other 3D survey methods such as LiDAR.

This is the perfect tool for surveyors and topographers, architects and construction professionals! You realize the acquisition, the processing and we host your final data on our computer servers. This product is added to the complete chain of photogrammetric softwares that already contains: drones for acquisition, and software for post-processing. Hélicéo Cloud allows the distribution of business data, easily at any time.


Your data is securely stored and immediately accessible

The Hélicéo R & D teams worked on this project in order to propose the most suitable solution to our customers.

The display is real-time, without loading time. All this is made possible by the management of the levels of details (LOD Level Of Detail). Hélicéo integrates the latest innovations into its services to be able to offer you the best.

Surveying missions

Hélicéo takes care of everything - creation of the flight plan, provision of service, the delivery of files, you name it! Carry out your surveying missions by drone with the support of our engineers. Hélicéo will also carry out [...]

Software and Web Solutions

Equip yourself with the best software for photogrammetry on the market for planning, processing, and utilizing data from your missions. This software provides you security, performance and ease of handling.

Point cloud processing software

Hélicéo offers complete photogrammetry training in Pix4D and MicMac softwares. This training is provided by our geomatics engineers.