Point cloud analysis and processing software

Trimble Real Works: for 3D scanners professionals



Point cloud analysis and processing software Trimble Real Works is for 3D scanners users. Indeed, this automated tool allows to import integrated data from 3D laser scanning instruments such as LiDAR.

This complete solution makes possible the realization of any project. Today, it offers one of the largest selections of point-cloud processing tools with specific workflows such as consolidation, surface creation and comparison, and modeling.

With this powerful software, you can process, analyze and create high quality deliverables, as well as import point clouds from any source. In addition, Trimble Real Works is very easy to use.


Trimble Real Works characteristics

Trimble Real Works includes the basic features of point-cloud processing software such as panoramic vision, zoom, rotation, mesh, modeling, volume calculation and deformation analysis.


However, this software also has other capabilities:

– The Scan Explorer utility that allows you to view the scan results and extract data
– The results communication by video and their export on Google Earth
– Automatic recording with or without target
– Management of large data sets: import, editing, processing, adjustment, export etc.
– A wide range of basic 2D and 3D tools: cross sections, meshes, contours, volumes, lines of work, orthophotos, models.
– The modeling module to create 3D models based on reality very quickly to represent an environment.
– The Publisher utility that lets you share your data with your customers in a customizable and professional format.


The different versions

To meet your different needs, several software licenses are available ranging from the basic version to the full version.


The basic version

This Trimble Real Works license includes basic features such as importing and exporting data, elemental point cloud consolidation, and producing 2D and 3D deliverables.

Here are the other features in the Trimble Real Works basic version: Creating and editing surfaces ; Scan Explorer ; Visualization and exploitation tools ; Point cloud sampling and segmentation ; Volume calculation ; Image rectification tool ; Creating and modifying meshes ; Complete registration tool ; Georeferencing ; Cutting plane ; Measurement ; Media tools ; Coordinate grid tool ; Beam adjustment ; Basic geometric installation tool ; Contours ; Multiline drawing tool ; Image matching ; Key plan creation ; Orthophotography generation


The advanced version

This license is ideal for monitoring applications such as civil engineering and mining. Indeed, it includes all the features found in the basic version, but also useful advanced features that allow you to provide more detailed deliverables.
Here are the different features of the Trimble Real Works advanced version: Automatic consolidation of projects with or without target ; Automated classification of objects ; Advanced drawing tools ; 2D and 3D inspection tools ; Tool for comparing built data with reality ; Inspection Generation and Visualization with Variation Detection ; Profiles and geometric primitives import from CAD design files in .dxf or .dwg ; Graphic files export in .dxf and .dyn ; Information sharing through the projects publication ; Profile and cross section ; Multi-ortho projection ; Inspection card analyzer ; Surface inspection tool to model ; Storage



Trimble Real Works usage

Trimble Real Works software is compatible with the following operating systems: Microsoft r Windows r 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – 64 bit.
It supports multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, French and Korean.
Regarding your computer, the processor must have at least 2.8 Ghz (Quadricoeurs) or more, the RAM must be at least 16 GB (2 GB recommended) and the VGA card must be Open GL 3.2 and compatible with minimum VRAM of 1GB (3Go recommended).
Finally, you must use a 3-button mouse.


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