Point cloud processing software

Data from your drone missions can easily be processed in the software that we offer.

Point cloud processing software is part of the professional software suite for drone photogrammetry provided by Hélicéo.

point cloud pix4d

Pix4D Mapper

Pix4D Mapper is a software that enables you to use hundreds or thousands of images to obtain point clouds, orthophotos or textured 3D models. It uses the principle of photogrammetry, which involves finding corresponding points on the images to reconstruct a 3D model. You can achieve similar patterns to those obtained with LiDAR technologies using a simple digital camera.

The accuracy attained with this software meets professional surveying requirements.

This software is adapted to the needs of the following fields:

  • Construction
  • Technical inspection
  • Mines and pits
  • Surveyors and topographers
  • Archeologists
  • Architects (BIM))
  • Civil and construction engineering
  • Police and Insurance (accident reconstruction)
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental monitoring

This software also allows you to process your point cloud (cloud clean-up, 3D vectorization, identification of characteristic elements, calculating cubatures, etc.). 
The standard export data formats are available, allowing integration of data in many software such as Autocad, Qgis, Arcgis and generally any software for point cloud and orthophoto management.
For example, you can easily integrate your point cloud in AutoCAD® in order to create a DTM or a topographic map directly from your point cloud.


Hélicéo offers complete training in Pix4D software. This training is provided by our geomatics engineers. Hélicéo is certified in “Training and Hosting” by Pix4D.

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point cloud micmac


MicMac is a software developed by IGN (Institut Géographique National) to :

  • Digital elevation models calculation (DEMs) from high resolution aerial images
  • Digital terrain models calculation (DTMs) from satellite images
  • Calculate connection pointss in aerial triangulation (AT)
  • Calculate corresponding points for the overlap of multi-channel images


This software is very effective – particularly for processing and completing complex photogrammetry missions, for example in forestry. Its comprehensive configuration allows very precise management of treatment and analysis options.


Hélicéo offers full training in MicMac software. This training is provided by a PhD engineering student from Hélicéo who graduated from the National School of Geographic Sciences (School of IGN).

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