Case study: Bathymetric mission on a tailings pond in Chile


Geomonitoring, the Chilean distributor of Hélicéo, performs bathymetry of a tailings pond from a copper mine with the marine drone SuperBathy. The objective of this mission is the sediment layer monitoring (this one will be monitored every two weeks).



Mission data:

– Size of the area: 120 ha (1,2 Km²)
– Mission duration: 3 hours
– Cross line: 2,4 Km
– Mission speed: 2 m/s
– Hard wind conditions: 25 Km/h
– Current speed: 1,5 Knots
– Depth: 0,3 m to 3,5 m
– Altitude: 2950 m above sea level
– Equipement: Aquatic drone SuperBathy + DroneBox RTK + Dual Frequency echosounder (30/200 KHz)
– Post processing: HASK / HYPACK




Point cloud: