Case study: Monitoring the Durian Tunggal Dam


Skyshine, the Malaysian distributor of Hélicéo, conducts a bathymetric survey of the Durian Tunggal Dam. It is one of the main sources of water supply for the inhabitants of the state of Melaka.

The objective of this mission is the monitoring of the dam during the deepening process.




Mission data:

– Area size: around 35 ha (86 acres)
– Area specificities: shallow and narrow
– Crossline: 50 m
– Survey line: 20 m along the dam
– Method used for positioning: direct georeferencing with RTK (without ground control points)


The equipment:

– Aquatic drone FoxBathy
– The DroneBox RTK
– Trifunctional echosounder

monitoring dam


Points cloud: 


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