VTOL aircraft drone case study with FoxyPro

Survey of the largest hotel in Malaysia: the Putrajaya Marriott


VTOL aircraft drone case study


Discover the VTOL aircraft drone case study FoxyPro.

The mission was conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with:
– The VTOL aircraft drone FoxyPro
– The DroneBox RTK
– The Sony Alpha 6000 Sensor calibrated for photogrammetric missions
– The SuperFox6 in addition to the building inspection

Post-processing is done in two steps:
1. Direct georeferencing was managed by GNSS data processing software HASK Geoprocessor developed by Hélicéo.
2. The images were processed using the software Pix4Dmapper.

Mission data:
• Country: Malaysia
• Pilot: Surveyor-Expert, UAV pilot
• Project size: 80 Ha (198 acres)
• Number of images: 346
• Flight height: 180 m above ground level
• Ground resolution (GSD): 3,93 cm
• Mission processing duration: 5 hours
• Temperature: 40°C
• Cumulative flight times of both aircraft: 20 minutes


Project overview

Flight time of the drone:
The Foxy Pro flew 10 minutes to cover the 80-hectare study area.

Direct georeferencing:
The georeferencing of the images is done directly using the RTK network.

Post treatment:
HASK Geoprocessor is useful for the lever arm correction (time and mechanical shift).
The images and their geolocation and orientation information are then imported into the Pix4D software.


Data processing

The total time to generate the point cloud and orthophoto from 346 photos was 5 hours.



georeferenced point cloud

georeferenced point cloud


Above a georeferenced point cloud in NRTK on the Malaysia Real Time Kinematic GPS Network (MyRTKnet), without GCP.

With the RTK HASK Geoprocessor solution proposed by Hélicéo, you can obtain a high density georeferenced point cloud and an orthophoto. Using the traditional survey method, the same mission would have lasted at least 3 hours (with the establishment of GCP, the measurement of GCP coordinates).
If you use the VTOL FoxyPro aircraft drone, you can acquire the images in just 10 minutes.
The HASK processing chain is 5 times faster compared to a conventional survey, for the same precision.


You can find out more details about this mission in this article accompanied by a video.

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